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Stop sending your best people BACK to social and search. 95% of purchases in the last year were made by people who reviewed the product or business before buying. Start supporting your visitors by bringing your relevant content to them.  

Copy, Paste, Convert
Utilize your business's most important assets from across the web in less then 5-minutes
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Social, Reviews, & More
Supercharge your website using your business's online reviews & social media engagement.
Set Your Content Free
Give your visitors access to all your content while increasing engagement, followers, & conversion.
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Are you tired of sourcing and converting traffic from social, only to have them hit your page and go back to social for more proof? It’s a tiring cycle and now, thanks to goodwin, there is a new chapter starting for the way people with websites use social. ​


Start inviting potential customers into your business by showing browsers exactly what they want to see. Whether it’s authentic content or raving reviews, for the first time you get to choose when and where they see it.
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Social That Speaks For Itself
Make every mention, tag, profile visit, like, & comment matter. Easily integrate your social with your website.
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Connect With Customers​
Maximize opportunities to connect with your customers by providing the right call-to-action, at the right time. Start turning social media browsers into customers. ​


Be there for your visitors at the right moment as they scroll through your social. Use call-to-actions presented in-feed to meet your customers while they browse. Provide your visitors an avenue to connect with your business. 

The Big Social Dilemma...

It’s not just big box stores gobbling up Main Street America and disrupting business and decentralizing commerce anymore.

It’s happening right at your fingertips—online—where business owners like you dream of reaching more customers. In the early days of the “open” web, entrepreneurs were enthusiastic about finding ways to new draw customers to their businesses, but today, the World Wide Web is more like an exclusive closed network of giant companies that make it increasingly difficult for business owners like you to find your niche.

We democratize user data across the web to enhance browsing experiences for businesses and web users outside of the oligopoly central to the attention of the internet.

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Google, Amazon, and Facebook own 90% of the Internet… 

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Data ownership & utility,

free from the internet “giants”. 

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Empower users of web by freeing data, power, & functionalities.

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We need your help to build an Internet around trust & data.

“The thing that we really need, the thing that scales to the challenge, is a cultural awakening, a cultural movement, that knows that we are living inside of inhumane technology platforms.”
Ryan Harris, Co-Founder & President of the Center for Humane Technology
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"If you’re trying to start an online business, and you want to monetize that business through advertising, it’s not impossible, but it is an incredibly steep uphill battle."
Tim Kendall, Former Facebook and Pinterest Executive
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“Today we live in a world now where it is easy to confuse truth and popularity. And you can use money to amplify whatever you believe and get people to believe what is popular is now truthful. And what is not popular may not be truthful.”
Chamath Palihapitiya, Ex-Facebook Growth Executive
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Bring the POWER of social commerce to your website in minutes.

All Your Content. All Your Reviews. All Your Proof. All On Your Site.

"If you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product."

It’s time to grab your slings and take a shot at the big guys. Join our movement to free your data from the grasps of internet giants, democratize the web, and own your data.