The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

guide to email marketing

Email may be old, but let us assure you one thing:   Email is NOT dead.    It’s come a long way since chain mails and text-only messages. Now, email offers a beautiful and effective means of communication, despite the ever-rising popularity of chat apps and social media.    Marketers have capitalized on email’s communicative […]

Learn How To Create The Ultimate Marketing Strategy In 2021

creating a marketing strategy

As the saying goes, success is 90% preparation and 10% perspiration, and nowhere is that more real than in the world of business. Launching and growing your business can technically be done without a marketing strategy, but you won’t get the profitability and efficiency you need to make it sustainable. That’s because marketing is a […]

The 6 Different Survival Needs & How We Used Them To Get You Here

The 6 Different Survival Needs & How We Used Them To Get You Here

We are going to let you in on a secret.   As marketers first, we know the most powerful messaging that people listen to and remember has to do with survival. And, it is not a choice… the human brain is wired to lookout for survival. That is why before we could write something for you, […]

Let Us Introduce Attention Economy To You In An Easy To Read Manner

an introduction to attention economy

Authenticity builds trust and that’s a good-win for your business   When it comes to building traction on your digital assets, it’s all about trust and authenticity.   Buy from a brand you trust. Buy from a company you trust.   But what is trust and how do you build authenticity as a business owner? […]

12 Insane Hacks To Gain Instagram Followers

guide to gain instagram followers

You’ve finished your digital marketing strategy, filled with tons of great ideas for your Instagram page. You have beautiful templates and an exciting brand voice, and you’re ready to share your business. There’s just one problem: your only followers are yourself, your team, and your mother.    Building your following is a vital part of […]

Why we put community over conversion… and what that means for you

Goodwin puts community over conversion

From concept to conversions   Our team—Jake, Jose, and Shawn—culled our marketing, technology, and business knowledge to conquer a big industry problem.   What if we could create a tool so powerful that business owners no longer had to go out to every popular social media platform and search engine tool on the planet to […]

So wait, what’s the big problem with internet giants?

biggest problem with internet giants

Make the giants work for you and take back the internet for your business   It’s not just big box stores gobbling up Main Street America and disrupting business and decentralizing commerce anymore.   It’s happening right at your fingertips—online—where business owners like you dream of reaching more customers. In the early days of the […]