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There are lots of Instagram profiles. Few stand out.


Continuing on our quest to learn from Instagram’s biggest tastemakers, we’re back again for another installment of our Social Spotlight Series. So far, we have combed through hundreds of profiles to highlight accounts and demonstrate the practices that have made them a success. Our Social Spotlights series will give valuable lessons for marketers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and anyone else who wants to optimize their Instagram.


This week, we’ll be taking a look at what Clean Juice (@cleanjuice) is offering to the world holistically on Instagram and throughout their various platforms. At first glance, Clean Juice offers a world of happiness and energy surrounding the company’s 100% USDA-certified organic juices. However, once you dive deeper into the various posts, you see they have much more to share.


With a verified account of over 164K followers, let’s take a look at how @cleanjuice has built such a successful brand.


​Featured Profile Overview


Accounts rarely have success on Instagram without a beautiful aesthetic and powerful value content that connects with their following. Luckily, Clean Juice has mastered both sides of the formula. With a variety of posts ranging from high-quality images featuring healthy, smiling faces to teasers from their Be Organic podcast— the company exemplifies their tagline “Healthy in Body, Strong in Spirit.”


Reaching back to over six years of content, Clean Juice has been consistent since day one, documenting their growth from a store to franchises. Typically posting about once a day, followers get to witness first handle the authenticity of the company’s mission to promote healthy living.


In the beginning, @cleanjuice featured a large variety of user-generated content but has since refined itself into a growing community of product information and super-fan features. Often, the captions teach the reader when and how to consume their juices or introduce the products recently added to their repertoire.


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As mentioned before, @cleanjuice’s tagline is “Healthy in Body, Strong in Spirit,” and the content connects with this on so many levels. Clean Juice seems to have multiple campaigns running to connect with their audience, including a campaign in honor of Black History Month demonstrating inclusivity and representation. With this in mind, they do an amazing job of accenting both their product and their customers, delivering happiness and friendship.



@cleanjuice has an amazing collection of high-quality images, and content is differentiated in a clever, cohesive manner. As great as that is, it would be nice to see Clean Juice add in more user-generated content to break up their high-end photography as they did in the infancy of their account. Regardless, their pictures display the quality of their products, accent their ingredients, and honor their high production standards. 



Hashtags are typically one of the most challenging parts of building an Instagram following, but with over 164,000 followers, this may not be the largest concern for @cleanjuice. Listed in their profile, #beorganic seems to be the main hashtag utilized by the company. However, upon further research, only a handful of @cleanjuice’s content has hit the “Most Recent” posts, and not a single one has made it to the “Top Posts” section.



@cleanjuice has a very simple bio that includes the company name, main tagline, and a small description of the business itself. We couldn’t help but notice that the bio was bare in comparison to the large following and numerous campaigns. Though the bio easily reflects what the company does— it would be nice to see a slight variation in the formatting of the text and a few additional lines that highlight what separates Clean Juice from the competition or information on the current month’s campaign. 


Story Highlights

It’s always nice to see a profile that not only utilizes Stories but highlights them in a clever way like Clean Juice does when accenting their home office team, cleanses, and partnerships. @cleanjuice also uses some icon-style imaging for the different covers in the profile’s Highlights, but these images could use some updating. In particular, their “challenge” Highlights are duplicated images that could potentially drive down engagement or confuse the audience leading them to believe the Highlights category was mistakenly created twice.


What We Think Is Working

The Clean Juice Instagram profile is bright and colorful, focusing on its biggest asset — the product. With juice cleanses, health and wellness communities ever-rising, @cleanjuice offers a hub for sharing and creating through partnerships, campaigns, and a company-created podcast featuring a slew of guests.


The brand is cohesive on Instagram, providing high-quality photos for a high-quality product without the over editing or stock images that have seemingly taken over Instagram. Clean Juice also pumps out daily content that looks as fresh and natural as the juice they make.


@cleanjuice seamlessly moves from one style of post to the next, providing the audience with information about products, highlights from their campaigns, showcases of their franchisees, and even an inspirational quote or two.


While Clean Juice’s beautiful photos draw in the audience, there are obviously a few things left to be desired by the company’s following if engagement provides any insight.


What Could Be Done Better

It is true that most companies use photos and aesthetics to drive sales with product-focused posts, and @cleanjuice is no different. With followings as large as the one that Clean Juice maintains, likes are hardly an issue. However, they seem to average less than ten comments per post.


For those of you that have become familiar with social media growth through this Social Spotlight Series, you may know that engagements such as Saves, Shares, and Comments are absolutely imperative to growth on Instagram.


This profile is beautiful, but the average user activity is only at .16%.  Profiles with a high rating typically have community engagement of 5 to 10% in rating. With that said, it would be nice to see more community engagement on the @cleanjuice profile. The key piece that’s missing is the opportunity to make this profile an education center about what Clean Juice could do for you – rather than a billboard for the product.


In addition to engagement, the company’s other online channels could also use a little TLC. While the company’s branding is consistent on Instagram, once you begin to click through the links provided within @cleanjuice’s profile, there are a few disparities.


In particular, there is no bridge between @cleanjuice and the company’s Linktree or main site. Their Linktree and landing page backgrounds do not aesthetically match their IG profile. Logos are also inconsistent between the three properties and, at times, hard to see.


A great way to create this brand consistency would be adding a background that features a grid of product images on their Linktree, adding in a link for the company’s new mobile ordering option, sharing information about their Cleanse Club loyalty program in the Instagram profile highlights, and adding more company or product information “above the fold” on their main site.


Analytics / Insights

As mentioned throughout, @cleanjuice has a far-reaching profile with over 164,000 followers. Their account is fun and vibrant, with a focus on healthy living.


With about one post per day and an average of six posts per week, the profile is lacking a bit on the engagement side of things. Naturally, likes per post are high, which is great because profiles with the aim of monetizing usually want 10% of their audience to double-tap. 


On the other side, Clean Juice should focus on community engagement by jumping in, asking questions, and getting the audience to comment on posts in efforts of raising user activity. This could also be done with an overhaul of call-to-actions and optimizing user experience after click-throughs to the company’s Linktree and main site.


Key Takeaways

The Clean Juice Instagram profile is clearly being used for customer acquisition, but it is done in a very non-invasive manner. Their posts not only speak on the product but also share the entire brand in a clean, beautiful aesthetic.


Unfortunately, their user journey and main website do not reflect that effort. There is also no bridge between the company’s various offerings and what is presented within the Instagram profile. This shows a clear need to define brand between social media and other online properties.


Overall, there is a lot of tagged, user-generated content that shows diversity in age, ethnicity, and lifestyle. Having this content is always a good sign that you are building a successful brand, but it needs to be presented on the main feed to accent the Clean Juice customers. This provides the social proof needed to take the brand to the next level.


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