So wait, what’s the big problem with internet giants?

biggest problem with internet giants

Make the giants work for you and take back the internet for your business


It’s not just big box stores gobbling up Main Street America and disrupting business and decentralizing commerce anymore.


It’s happening right at your fingertips—online—where business owners like you dream of reaching more customers. In the early days of the “open” web, entrepreneurs were enthusiastic about finding ways to new draw customers to their businesses, but today, the World Wide Web is more like an exclusive closed network of giant companies that make it increasingly difficult for business owners like you to find your niche.


Collectively, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Oath, Twitter, and Snap will control 80% of the digital ad market in 2019. The hovering digital giants take your data, business, and dollars. They gobble up your information and leads for their own retention and lure your customers away. 


As a business owner, you may feel a little like David standing in a giant valley with your product in your hand, hurling it the giants, hoping one will hit and crowds will cheer you on and come back to your business to celebrate your victories with purchases that grow your bottom line.


Unfortunately, that’s not how it usually works.


Have the giants grown too large?


Recently, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple executives went to Capitol Hill to testify about whether or not they have grown too large and have too much power.


Have you ever had a bad social media review? If yes, you understand how easy it is for one company to drastically impact all the hard work you’re putting into your business. And while your customers are using these sites, they are often drawn away from your business by competitors and glitz making it even harder for you to move traffic to transactions.


Remember, the best of these sites—the ones you depend on for brand awareness and to bring customers to you—are smart sites perfected to steal your customers’ eyes and lure away your dollars.


In a recent global study by Viacom, half of today’s young people believe that these digital giants are too powerful. And while many trust brands more than traditional institutions and politicians, they value transparency, a core component of authenticity, which is being chipped away by missteps and oversteps by these big companies.


But you keep feeding those giants instead of your bottom line.


What if you didn’t have to anymore?


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Maneuvering the maze of online marketing doesn’t have to be complicated


While successful social media marketing, search engine marketing, and business review sites like Google and Yelp boost your business, it’s often a confusing maze of algorithms, time management, and budget spends that leave most business owners wondering if they’re getting it right.


More than 90 percent of U.S. businesses use social media sites for marketing, a trend that’s steadily increased over the past six years. However, in a report from Statista, almost 70 percent of these professionals say the biggest problem is effectiveness and an inability to make sense of the data generated.


Did you know that for everyone 1 star your business gets on sites like Google or Yelp, you could see an increase in revenue of 5-9%? The average business on Google has a 4.4-star review, so if you tackle the metrics, get the right reviews, that one resource could increase your revenue about 40%.


That’s great! Sign you up, right?


Not so fast.


Google makes lots of money off businesses like yours. You pay for ads. You pay for listing enhancements. You pay to play in a densely packed field. And in return, the giant’s bank account grow while you’re struggling for conversions.


In Q1 2019 alone, Google’s advertising revenue exceeded $30 billion, up 15.3% from $27 billion in 2018. Google’s sites like its search engine and YouTube hit almost $26 billion in revenue that same quarter.


But 2019 doesn’t have to just be big money for big companies. This is the year of smart sites for everyone, so why not start right now with making YOUR site a good win for your business? 


Your website can become a smart site—in less than 10 minutes—so you can start using reviews, social media, engagements, and real-time sales to help your customers take action from your website without the risk of losing interactions.


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Leverage the power of the giants right where you do business


You’ve heard that if you’re not on a site like Facebook (or other social media tool of your liking), your business doesn’t exist. That makes sense considering there are about 2.4 billion average monthly Facebook users worldwide and more than 330 million active monthly Twitter users.


So, to reach those users, you go where they are. You spend time and money crafting the best copy, honing your target audience, designing killer graphics and videos, and then what? Brand awareness?


How do you successfully convert that traffic to transactions without losing click-throughs or exposing your new customer to competitors—valuable exposure you already paid for?


What if you didn’t have to go straight into the valley with these giants? What if you could harness their power where you do business—on your website, converting that traffic to transactions and your bottom line?


Now you can:

  • Activate your customers’ digital experiences from the moment they come in contact with your website and you can easily convert that traffic with instant, relevant calls-to-actions that lead to results-driven transactions
  • Leverage the power of all your marketing channels on your website—display reviews, social media posts, ratings, Q&A, photos, videos, and more—all at key conversion points in your buyer’s journey
  • Make the giants part of your business growth strategy right from where you do business and ensure your brand’s voice rises to the top. Those big companies make a lot of noise, which makes it difficult for your business to be heard. Cut through that noise so you can be in control of what your customers hear and build trust for your brand.
  • See key metrics in one dashboard with done-for-you reporting so you can quickly make better decisions from customer feedback to improve your customer’s journey with you.
  • Put your favorite social media sites to work for you—LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, and more—all fed into your website with easy-to-use tools to move traffic to conversions without ever leaving your site. 
  • Showcase your customer content throughout the buyer’s journey with an on-site display
  • Lose the worry that your customers will get lost down the rabbit hole where those giants are teasing them with 24K (carrots) and dancing animals.
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You need the giants, for now…


Listen, we’re realists here, but we also dream big. We know these giants are valuable tools for your business. Their reach is vast, and you need them. For now.


Google owns more than 90 percent of the worldwide search engine market, with more than 2 trillion searches across its servers every year. The average person conducts three to four searches on Google every day. That means there’s a lot of opportunity for customers to find you, but there are also a lot of distractions out there and far more chances to connect with your competitors than you’d like.


We’re here to help you to harness that power and put it to work where you want it—where your business takes place—whether that’s your brick-and-mortar location or on the web. Get conversions in real time to drive your customers to you, not your competitors, or another super cute cat video. Meow.


Now is the time to stop feeding the giants and start feeding your business. Get the right information. Engage with the right people at the right time. Stand out from your competition and take your website to the next level.


Don’t forget to reserve your space for our live event on May 1st, 20220 and become a member of our Founders’ Club. It’s the first step you’ll take in forever changing the way you do business online. Stop hurling your business at the giants and put them to work for you. 


We can’t wait to join you on your journey. We’ll be right there in the valley with you, helping you—and your business—emerge victoriously from all the noise.

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