Why we put community over conversion… and what that means for you

Goodwin puts community over conversion

From concept to conversions


Our team—Jake, Jose, and Shawn—culled our marketing, technology, and business knowledge to conquer a big industry problem.


What if we could create a tool so powerful that business owners no longer had to go out to every popular social media platform and search engine tool on the planet to wrangle users back to their websites for conversions?


We know that big digital giants in social media and search engine marketing steal your customers’ eyes and lure away your dollars. Honestly, that stinks, and it makes it harder for business owners like you to have good wins—big wins—for business.


So we grabbed our slings and took a shot at the big guys. And now goodwin is ready to take back the internet for all businesses, including yours. 


Meet the team


At Goodwin, we are driven by our passion to create. We are a company that cares, and we’re here to help you better communicate with your customers to build your business. We’re real. We’re authentic, and we’re excited to be a part of this journey with you, so let’s meet the team.


It’s been two years since we set out to build the implementation and tracking tool known as goodwin.


Now that we are a couple weeks out from launch, the whole executive team is a ball of nervous excitement…


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Making you part of the community


We’ve structured the perfect tool you need to focus on growing your business, but the core of what we’re doing is all about building community. Working together, we can:


  • Make the digital giants work for your business when and where you want them
  • Empower your team and accelerate your business
  • Connect with people who love your brand
  • Deliver content customers care about
  • Build influence with social proof
  • Convert leads across all platforms to transactions right from your website

Thank you for taking the first steps to be a part of the Goodwin team. We are committed to making goodwin a “good-win” for your business, not just today but as we (and your business) grows. You are an important part of our future and we are thankful you are with us.


We built what you needed.


We are listening to what you want.


We are dreaming big for the future, and you play an important role in that.


Join us today. Reserve your seat for live event on May 1st, 2020. Become a member of goodwin’s Founders’ Club and get unprecedented access to the #1 tool that will forever change the way your business converts the traffic you’ve earned to the transactions you deserve.


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