The 6 Different Survival Needs & How We Used Them To Get You Here

The 6 Different Survival Needs & How We Used Them To Get You Here

We are going to let you in on a secret.


As marketers first, we know the most powerful messaging that people listen to and remember has to do with survival. And, it is not a choice… the human brain is wired to lookout for survival. That is why before we could write something for you, we needed to identify how goodwin met your 6 distinct desires of survival.


Below you can learn the 6 different survival needs and how you can create/adjust messaging to take advantage of the science behind survival. 


Need 1: Conserving Financial Resources (Save Money)


This can simply translate to saving money. Walmart with its promise of everyday low prices has tapped into this survival need with its tagline: “Save Money. Live Better.”


goodwin’s guild note: 


Guild notes give you an inside look at our internal notes and marketing strategy. That’s right, you get to see how we chose to market to you and why we do it!


By giving the hero more control over their assets and less reliance on internet giants, goodwin inherently conserves resources.  Particularly for anyone who has a website and social media accounts 😉


Need 2: Conserving Time (Opportunity Costs) 


Can your landscaping service help customers save time to focus on other things and spend more time with family on the weekends? Pare that down as your message rather than all of the grass cutting, tree pruning, and weed killing services you provide.


goodwin’s guild note:


Guests have faster access to the information they want through goodwin.  What’s good for them is good for you, especially when they don’t need to leave your page. Goodwin saves you a little bit of all the time it takes to get each person to your site. ​


Need 3: Building Social Networks (Finding Your Tribe) 


The best way to offer customers this sense of meaning is much like giving them the opportunity to be generous. Invite them to take part in something bigger than themselves. This could be a movement, a cause to champion around, or a villain to vanquish. This villain can take many forms, a person, an unethical business, or even a philosophy.


goodwin’s guild note:


This problem was solved but unfortunately social networks of internet giants have let us all down. That’s where a companion for the web comes in, goodwin allows you to leverage the best of social without worrying about your clients seeing the worst… or even worse your competitors.


Need 4: Gaining Status (Recognition) 


Luxury brands like Rolex, Mercedes, and Louis Vuitton might seem frivolous and impractical in terms of survival. Why spend so much when a more common brand will do the trick? Status is a tribe mentality and appeals to that survival mechanism. Projecting a sense of abundance attracts powerful allies, repels foes, and might even help attract a suitable mate.


goodwin’s guild note:


People will think you’re cool when you offer them a better way to get the information they want, without the ads and notifications they don’t. Goodwin does more than that by giving anyone true reputation management at the point of sale. ​


Need 5: Accumulating Resources (Growth & Efficiency) 


Do the products and services you offer help customers to make money or accumulate resources? More money means more opportunity to secure many other of the survival resources they need. If your business is a B2B company you might build your promise on increased revenues, higher productivity, decreased waste. All are powerful associations for thriving and surviving among competing entities.


goodwin’s guild note:


The intentional act of producing content and driving traffic to your site is the 2020 version of accumulating resources (for real though). Once they get there, why give them an excuse to leave? So we preach about giving people (your visitors) what you know they need in order for them to convert (what they are looking for). 


Need 6: Generosity (Interest in Survival of Others) 


All humans have great potential for generosity. It taps into a sense of redemption and an identity of being sacrificial. It helps minimize criticism while helping to earn recognition and trust in our tribe. At our core, we are empathetic and caring, investing in the well-being of others. This is especially true when our generosity extends to those who haven’t been given the same opportunities as we have.


goodwin’s guild note:


Giving the people what they want is inherently generous.  And if that means less time scrolling through the world the internet giants… then guess what?  It’s a huge win for not only the consumer but anyone who uses the modern internet (Your website + social) to grow their business.


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